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The focus of my research is on investigating the interactions between fluids and the oceanic lithosphere, particularly in regards to the exhumation of mantle rocks and the formation of mineral deposits and sulfides on the seafloor. I employ a multi-disciplinary approach that combines field and structural geology, metamorphic petrology, and in situ and bulk rock geochemistry, as well as stable isotope analysis of elements such as sulfur, selenium, iron, copper, and zinc. My goal is to understand the connection between extensional tectonics and fluid circulation, the hydrothermal conditions that affect fluid-rock interactions, and the origins and transportation of fluids and metals. I have previously studied both ancient and modern oceanic systems, such as ophiolites, on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and am currently participating in oceanographic scientific cruises as part of the International Ocean Discovery Program.

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“Juan de la Cierva” Fellowship (FJC2021-047190-I), funded by MCIN/AEI/10.13039/501100011033


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