Maintenance service

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Maintenance service


This service is responsible for the maintenance of the infrastructures of the IACT, both the building and its exterior as well as the facilities and equipment of supplies and their maintenance contracts. It also provides assistance to scientific facilities. The main actions are:

    • Building maintenance actions
    • Maintenance of exteriors, gardens and irrigation systems
    • Maintenance of the electric network:
      • Measurement and control of harmonics
      • Balance of consumption in phases of the electric network
      • Energy efficiency
    • Repair of small laboratory equipment
    • Maintenance of facilities and equipment of services and laboratories
    • Control of maintenance contracts:
      • Transformation center
      • Generating set
      • Air conditioning
      • Technical gases
      • Deratization and disinsection
      • Fire systems
      • Water tanks S.C.I.
      • Lifts and hoists
      • Maintenance of vehicles


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